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Maria Baeck is a Swedish expatriate with a curious mind. Her interest in “leaning beyond the horizon”, e.g. exploring new perspectives, has been a part of who she is for as long as she can remember. She is a Transformation Architect, Thought Partner, Coach, Mentor, Guide, and Speaker. She works with curious, open-minded, and spiritually inclined entrepreneurial women, who has a desire to connect new dots and to discover, embrace, and embody their brilliance.

Her experience from the corporate world is a perfect backdrop for supporting her clients in creating a foundation for practicing purposeful leadership and becoming conscious stewards ​in business & in life. Her passion is helping her clients explore their curiosity, awe, brilliance, awareness and intuition, so that they can take it with them into their work life and make it an integral part of their everyday experience.

Maria understands systems as well as people. During her 30-year career in the high-tech electronics industry, she has built a successful track record in sales operations, business administration, and leadership roles spanning continents and cultures. And, more importantly, she has ​come to learn and appreciate that it isn’t the external that creates her experience, it is instead her attitude, aptitude, and awareness that holds the key to her personal and professional fulfilment, empowerment, and freedom.

Having spent her entire career in the corporate world, in the early 2000’s she had arrived at a point where work and life no longer felt as fulfilling as it used to. Simply put, it didn’t “feel quite right”. She felt disconnected from her own life, no longer feeling vibrant and alive. A recurring thought at the time was, “Surely, this couldn’t be all there was…?”.

Since 2005, she has developed techniques and practices that has transformed her outlook. By testing, exploring, and defining ways of being creative and joyful, she’s found ways to being authentic and inspired that reaches beyond the standard model of the business world – while still being in it. Now a licensed coach with One of many™ – an educational hub for women who feel called to do more, give more, be more, and leave a powerful legacy – there is added exponential power and strength in her toolkit.

Maria helps her clients remove obstacles and create a foundation for practicing purposeful personal leadership that in turn promotes and supports their personal and professional growth. Her expertise is in deep reflective listening, and her aim is to help shift perspectives – to provide her clients with the space, the tools, the support, and the inspiration to expand their horizon.

Still actively engaged in the high-tech industry and the corporate world, Maria serves as an advisor to several charitable organizations, and she is a member of InClaritas and The Athena Network. Although based in the UK, she considers herself a global citizen.

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Phone: 07725666232