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Tansy is known as “The Carer’s Coach” and the founder of “The Calm Carer Programme” and “From Survive to Thrive.” She works with women who care for a family member, helping them find freedom from overwhelm and stress. [...]
United Kingdom SE19 3TU
Rebecca’s passion is to engender harmonious and sustainable leadership and purposeful growth.
United Kingdom ME13 7BL
Midlife, redundancy, relationship changes, menopause – no matter how “strong” we believe ourselves to be, life’s transitions can often knock our confidence and leave us reeling. You have all the answers you need – my job is to help [...]
United Kingdom NN6 9UG
Rhian helps women to re-ignite the flames in their life,  to re-connect with themselves, their families and the world around them.
United Kingdom BT61