Dr Lorna Young

  1. Dr Lorna Young
United Kingdom L3 4DX

Lorna helps create fulfilled and confident female scientists.

Lorna works with female scientists of all stages to maximise their potential, in their professional and personal lives. Lorna helps individuals to evolve into content, joyful, compassionate, confident, and sustainably successful women. Lorna works with individuals to co-create coaching programs that will include OOM tools and integrative activities to help recognise and release the best in oneselves. Lorna focusses on getting the indivudal from where they are now to where they want to be. 

Lorna is a life scientist herself, currently undertaking her second postdoc in Liverpool. Lorna has previously worked in the States, and completed her PhD and undergraduate at the Univeristy of Newcastle. Lorna is a born and bred Yorkshire Lass. Lorna is passionate about mental and physical health. Lorna loves exercise of all forms, as well as being a big music fan and enjoys spending time with friends and family. Lorna is also not impartial to good food, fashion, and fun.

Having experienced the research environment, Lorna is aware of its many challenges. Lorna is also aware of the desire to have a successful and fulfilling career, yet maintain a meaningful and joyful life outside of work ("the best of both").  Lorna has the passion to help female academics at any stage in their career to recognise and achieve what THEY want!

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