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Valerie believes that “in a modern tale, Atlas would no longer carry the world on his shoulders alone”. As a coach, mentor, ex financial managing director, mum and assumed good witch, she helps women take their place in the [...]
Fatma provides a non-judgemental, guilt free space for women, younger and older, to move beyond any limiting beliefs and emotions, finding the courage to listen and trust in themselves and their own quiet inner voice, so they can create [...]
United Kingdom BA10
Nathalie is a Career Architect and Self-Leadership Coach. Working in French and English, her passion is to inspire and guide her clients, mostly women in the corporate world, so they can design, create and develop fulfilling and meaningful work [...]
A “recovering perfectionist” who has experienced burnout, Sherryn now works with women seeking to ignite their leadership potential in life and in business. She helps them take bold action and make a meaningful difference with ease, joy and grace. [...]