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Annie started journey into studying the mind 25 years ago when serious illness forced her to abandon external travels and plumb the depths of her own psyche instead. As soon as she was well enough Annie got a one-way ticket to Australia and continued studying studied everything from naturopathy to psychotherapy and most things in between. She also spent a decade doing intensive meditation and mindfulness practice with various spiritual teachers. She has distilled the best from western psychology and eastern spiritual traditions and has developed systems that have since helped thousands of clients.

She started applying her knowledge of the mind to the realm of business and created a six figure income in her first solo year in business. She also coached a women’s property investing group, having created a portfolio of 14 properties in 3 years.

Having experienced not just health and sickness, but also success and failure, marriage and divorce, wealth and poverty, Annie now knows that real growth is not another ‘let’s make it all ok’ campaign. It’s about finding the truth at the core of ourselves so that we have the inner freedom to deal with whatever life throws at us.

Annie has run workshops in various aspects of mindset mastery for individuals, couples, property investors, share traders, public speakers and women leaders on three continents. She has been featured on tv, radio and in print and had the great honour of coaching Dr Joanna Martin’s clients in various programmes over the last six years. She is Director of the Life Training Institute and now also a collaborator, trainer and Head of Coaching for One of Many.

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