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Nancy Cogswell
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Nancy is a transformation & leadership coach for professional women and creative entrepreneurs who want to beat overwhelm, find balance and flourish. She is on a mission to empower women to achieve their full, sustainable, potential in business AND life.

Nancy’s background as an architect, management consultant, business mentor and coach, and her experience as a CEO of several businesses and as a non exec director on various Boards, mean she has a unique understanding of the complex challenges and pressures facing professional women.


Senior level professional women & potential high-flyers come to Nancy because their work ethic is driving them towards potential burnout, as they reach to achieve their ambitions. They want to stop feeling over-stretched by the demands of work and home, energy-sapped at the end of each day, and struggling to deliver the best of themselves. Nancy helps them to develop a sustainable self-care mindset, and equips them with robust tools to face life’s challenges. She works with their inner strengths to empower their leadership, deliver their best work and lead a fulfilling life.

Entrepreneurs and creative business owners come to Nancy because as designers and creators they lack the management skills to run a growing business and feel out of their depth, over-burdened and under-supported. Nancy helps them stabilize their day-to-day and recognize that they are their No1 asset, and she supports them to re-align with their vision, engage effectively with their team, and discover the powers of delegation and collaborative working.


Nancy engages with clients quickly and deeply, getting to the nub of their challenges, co-creating instantly accessible solutions and drawing on a wealth of business experience. She uses her intuition as well as a wide range of coaching tools particularly suited to women.

Nancy creates a safe environment so clients feel able to explore openly & freely all aspects of their lives that come up. Through skilful coaching and mentoring, she helps them embrace their strengths, supports their development, and works with them to create the balanced lives they seek.


What Clients Say

NHS Strategic Commissioner - Murrae Lamb

This wasn’t my first experience of coaching, but it has been the most transformational and I believe, sustainable. The approach is practical, relevant and do-able. Nancy has skillfully taken me on an incredible journey of awareness, understanding and action. She has an exceptional ability to focus on the big things that are most important and most relevant to the “whole” me. Yes, she challenges, probes, explores.... makes me think, but that is exactly what I needed at this challenging time.

Not only has Nancy helped me to manage family, career and myself into - and out of lock-down, she has enabled me to develop the skills to manage whatever life throws at me, whilst keeping a focus on what’s important to me. I loved the tools, frameworks, and ‘play’ that I got to practice and use throughout. I highly recommend Nancy as a woman’s coach - especially to you women who want it all….and also want to enjoy it!


Experienced Psychotherapist – Virginia Mallin

As a psychotherapist I have done a lot of work on myself, so it might have been quite a task to add to that and to bring new approaches and to help me get beyond what I already know, but Nancy’s coaching routes took new turns with different signposts. Her tools and techniques were impressively powerful - and of particular importance, her choice of options for me to choose from each week felt intuitively tailored to me: I found myself delighted and also much helped by fresh ways to support myself body and mind - love the multi-level (mind, body, spirit, the universal, the psychological) tools plus specific goals and summaries for each week and beyond.

I feel extremely grateful for these 12 weeks of exploration, new ways to think and act on my own behalf, affirming and celebrating my own power. Being truly "lighter" is a deep-soul enlightenment process, and this work has been so instrumental in my progress with that shift.


Interior Designer & Ceramicist – Juliet Hardman

Having completed my coaching program with Nancy, I feel so very happy in my own skin, both emotionally and professionally. Nancy held my hand and walked me through the tangles of life to an inspired new beginning, and I feel empowered with these tools at my fingertips – it’s never too late to start from wherever you are to shift your mindset. Nancy enabled me to shed limiting beliefs and to set powerful boundaries, making my vision a reality of a business that combines my passion and talents with a healthy income.


Strategy & OD Consultant, Facilitator – Emily Almeida-King

Nancy is an insightful all-in coach who possesses laser sharp skills in generating new awareness. She is a master at offering clients tools to help develop their awareness. Nancy is an expert in creating an open, sharing environment in which to explore thinking and perspectives and she’s a whizz at keeping one on track.


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