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Lauren is an expert on wilder living and creating a life that balances the modern day requirements of day to day with finding the freedom and joy of living a life more connected to our true nature.

Her unique coaching style combines her decade long experience in leading wild journeys with nature connection tools woven together within the fabric of One of many coaching. Through confidence building, mentoring and help with wild skills, Lauren supports her clients to include time out in nature as part of their coaching relationship, believing that most of the time, answers to our deepest questions can be found when we allow ourselves to fully immerse in nature. Her role as coach is then supporting her clients to interpret and implement into their lives what they learn from their wild experiences.

"Lauren is a truly inspirational woman. She is a wonderful coach, full of curiosity and bursting with wisdom. She is playful and professional and interweaves both knowledge and experience in her work. I would definitely recommend her to others 🙂 xx - Anna Mac"

After developing M.E. following 3 periods of burn out trying to save the planet and seeing many driven and committed friends follow a similar journey, Lauren is particularly passionate about supporting environmentally conscious professionals to create a more sustainable world whilst living a joyful, balanced, fulfilling life.

"I feel that as a result of Lauren’s coaching I am more resilient and confident in situations which previously would have daunted me. I feel that I am able to tap into my intuition better in order to find the solution to any difficulties that arise. As a result I feel more in control of any demands made upon me and my relationships with family and work, and my own wellbeing has improved as a result - Hayley Ennis"

Her wild model can be delivered over zoom as well as in unique 1-2-1 and group wild coaching experiences. Learn to tune into your instinctual animal body and natural intuition as a way to manage your energy and move towards your purpose on a 12 week programme. Walk 1-2-1 with Lauren on a VIP mountain day in the beautiful landscape of Snowdonia as you explore how to create a more balanced life whilst still supporting the planet. If you want to explore as part of a group, Wild Wanders offer you the opportunity to leave behind phones, deadlines, maps, time and should do's for a day deeply immersed in nature in a forest bathing style wild experience. You will explore ancient forests, mountains and streams and tune into the wisdom of your body as your source of direction. A great practice in self connection.

"Lauren is fantastic - she is so passionate and knowledgeable and brings the outdoors alive. It was an absolute pleasure to be in her company - June Meagher"

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Phone: 07926530129

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