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What’s brought you here? Whatever the reason for your dissatisfaction, know that it’s a Wake Up call, an invitation, and a call for action. I invite you to get excited about your dissatisfaction. Until you get sufficiently dissatisfied about something you won’t do anything about it.

The fact that you’re here means you’ve already decided you want to make some changes.
You may be feeling excited and scared. That’s normal. Know that your fear is a cry for something that wants your attention. And, know that you’re in the right place.

Helen has a zero B.S. policy, and Truth is her No.2 value so she’ll challenge your thinking, and support and accompany you as you make the changes you want to achieve. She’s the coach for you if you:

# Want to transition from the corporate to the entrepreneurial world.
# Feel under utilised and undervalued.
# Know there’s something missing from your working life (but don’t yet know what that is) and that you’re capable of more.
# Want to step up into leadership roles but lack the clarity and confidence to do so.
# Feel stuck, stagnant, tired, bored, jaded, unfulfilled, unrecognised, unhappy and just not enjoying life.
# Are fed up living to work instead of working to live.
# Are ready to make changes.

Helen has three decades of professional experience and has held senior management posts within both the private and public sector. She knows first hand the challenges that come with working in highly competitive and stressful environments, all the while supporting and empowering others to be authentic to themselves.

Helen began coaching within her industry fifteen years ago. There she discovered the power of compassionate leadership. Re-connecting her clients to their career aspirations allowed them to re-align to their passions and purpose. Unsurprisingly, individuals thrived, their teams grew stronger and their creativity, effectiveness and productivity increased. Yet, leadership practices that are no longer fit for purpose remain the norm and women in business and corporate life still struggle. In 2016, Helen set up her coaching company to change the way women work, lead and live.

Today, Helen works with women, helping them reconnect to the exceptional leaders they are: doing the best work of their career while leading and living their very best lives.

Helen’s clients range from entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate leaders and managers. Previous clients include managers in Finance, HR, Policy, NHS, Police, Fire Services, Social Services, Education Services. “Clarity of direction, energising, motivating, supportive, totally focused on me …” are some of the words used to describe Helen’s coaching style, making her a highly sought after coach.

“When I began working with Helen I was in a job I disliked which left me feeling unfulfilled and deskilled … Being able to ‘show up’ as me has paid off! I’m now working in a new role that I love and working with people I feel connected to…It’s also transformed my relationships with my husband and children.” A.R.

Combining her professional corporate background with her coaching training, Helen designs and offers bespoke coaching arrangements that support, inspire and transform.

Helen lived for many years in Australia, where she raised her family. She’s an In-House One of Many Certified Coach, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Personal Strengths Facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner, Action-Learning Set Facilitator, Mediation Facilitator, Assertiveness Trainer for Women, Parents, Young People and Teachers, Dip.Ed and B.A.Honours.

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