Tracy Roberts (Transforming Me)

  1. Tracy Roberts (Transforming Me)
United Kingdom DY12 1DF
As a qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), Coach and Trainer, I give people freedom from unhelpful thinking styles through mindset training and help them let go of unhappy memories through RTT therapy. 
Transforming Me works to overcome fears and phobias and mentally kick start the body’s processes to support physical healing.
Transforming Me works to prevent over or under eating, deal with ingrained habits like nail biting, excessive alcohol and really does move you away from pain and rapidly into personal transformation.
Transforming Me will train, coach or perform the therapeutic approach of RTT and utilizes hypnotherapy combined with principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and psychotherapy. It is a unique and distinctive approach that addresses issues on a deep level by accessing the subconscious mind and internal programming that is the driver behind destructive behaviours, limiting beliefs and toxic thought processes. 

Confidence issues - day to day living including love, relationships and wealth.

Personal achievements - exams, driving tests, interview skills
Fears and Phobias - flying; heights; needles; dentist and animals.
Food and Drink - body shape confidence; weight control and moderate alcohol levels.
Calmness & Wellbeing - depression; anxiety, sleep, concentration and memory.
Improved body function - freedom from pain; better eyesight and hearing.
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Phone: 07484 130796
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