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Claryn Nicholas is a Transformational Life Coach who understands deeply the impact of childhood trauma on everyday's life, work and relationships and her work is to raise awareness, empower people to have self-agency and support their growth and evolvement that enables them to create a new way of being and leading that honour and respect their truth with joy.
Integrating a somatic-based psychotherapeutic Compassionate Inquiry with the One of many PowerTypes in her work, Claryn coaches high-achieving women who recognise themselves as a perfectionist or people-pleaser whose struggle with the 'same things' keep them anxious, fearful and directionless.
Claryn guides them to a place of self-compassion, self-leadership and empowerment.
Claryn prioritises joy and places compassion at the heart of everything she does. She integrates her extensive knowledge, experience, and skills to help others to heal and discover their core essence by breaking the cycle of generational trauma, cultivate self-compassion and reconnect with themselves.
Her clients praise her for being an amazing coach with an amazing process that creates a phenomenal transformation as well as being a safe space holder.
Claryn Nicholas is a Certified One of many Coach, nurse, health visitor and yoga teacher with nearly three decades of experience working with women, children and families from all walks of life.
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