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Sue Hall
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With many years’ experience supporting children with dyslexia – as a teacher and a mum – I’ve seen and felt the emotional struggles often faced by parents.
Am I doing all I can? Is my child happy? Are they getting enough support to reach their full potential?
As mums we face many different highs and lows when bringing up our children. And if your child has a specific learning difficulty it may create a set of challenges that at first seem overwhelming.
This can leave you feeling:
Uncertain about how to best support your child’s individual needs.
Worried about how dyslexia will impact your child’s opportunities.
Confused about the services and additional support available.
Powerless or guilty because you’re not sure what to do.
But this doesn't need to continue...
I believe that with the right mindset, everything is possible
As a teacher you can give a pupil all the skills they need, but unless that child believes in themselves then their progress will be limited.
Through my role as Head of Learning Support in an independent school, I came to see that this same principle is the case with adults too – that mindset plays a crucial role in feeling confident, happy and able.
It is for this reason that I decided to further expand my skills by training as a One of Many coach. Through combining my One of Many tools and strategies, along with with my specialist teaching expertise and experience, I’ve seen both mums, and subsequently their child, move confidently though a space of doubt and into one of ease.
Through my specialist consulting and coaching work, I will support you to:
Understand dyslexia and help your child to shine: The conversation around dyslexia is often based on barriers, but every child has a set of skills that offer value to the world. I will help you to understand the advantages that dyslexia can bring, and how you can nurture and support the development of your child’s passions and abilities.
Reduce stress and self-doubt: Supporting a child with learning difficulties can be stressful and emotional. Often parents feel isolated, guilty or sometimes even ashamed. I will help you overcome the negative beliefs you’re holding, and help boost your confidence.
Access wider support: Let’s develop your knowledge and understanding of dyslexia so you can confidently and effectively work with the school to ensure your child receives the support they require and deserve.
Stay one step ahead: There are plenty of opportunities that offer your child a wonderful space to grow. I will help you take a positive and proactive approach to your child’s personal and educational development, so you can feel confident and fully able to spark their inspiration.

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