Joëlle Dey-Boada

  1. Joëlle Dey-Boada
Joëlle Dey-Boada
Switzerland Yverdon-les-Bains

Imagine a world where everyone is expressing their full potential!

What would the society look like? What would your life look like?

Instead of barely satisfactory, we'd get excellence. Enthusiasm and audacity would replace bore-out and burn-out. Joy, abundance and fulfilment would become widespread. Society would be fuelled and lead by talented women and men.

How about manifesting that vision together?

Joëlle Dey-Boada chose to contribute specifically by helping women access their unlimited inner power and become authentic and heart-centered leaders and change-makers. She connects business and spirituality, aspirations and prosperity, inner joy and outer success. Body, mind, heart and soul get aligned to serve your highest purpose.

The world doesn't need more women leaders acting like men. What we need is finally acknowledging the value of feminine energy and getting women (and men) to dare and lead from that powerful inner posture of awareness.

For the last 20 years, Joëlle has been leading her clients to awareness and greatness. She works with women entrepreneurs, women leaders, corporate women and all women with the ambition of changing the world, one consciousness at a time.

Beside Business Conscient, her fulfilling women coaching practice, she teaches Kundalini Yoga weekly in her hometown, develops Living Sense coaching academy that provides integral coaching training internationally and has recently co-founded PICC Professional and Integral Coaching Center to offer Swiss and international businesses high quality coaching services.

Based in Switzerland, Joëlle coaches in French and English, mainly virtually.

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