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My aim is to help you to reconnect with your inner voice and to rebuilt self-esteem at the deepest level. ICF certified coach since 2019 and always learning more about human psychology since 1994, my specific competency is adaptation. I will adapt exactly to you, I am listening and 100% present, dedicated to help you empower yourself by gaining tone of self wisdom. What ever may be your issue or will, as every solution is ultimately within, I am confident about our journey rebuilding a beautiful life you feel good in and where everything manifests as you want. My background is being a specialist patient from early childhood to adulthood, with a Bachelor in Art history and French literature (really enlightening about the evolution of beauty criteria & traumas along History), a dive into finance, several coaching trainings (ICF accredited), yoga teacher (RYT200) that led to breathing, self-hypnosis & sophrology, aka "living in meditative state" trainer, self-love reminder for anyone around, and a student in psychology in Switzerland where it's really trying to be as scientific as it can be to theorize humans and new ways to comprehend consciousness. The scientific mindset is about doubting and experimenting, always improving our datas until satisfaction and it's the same with personal growth. If you feel low in self-love, unorganized, constantly overwhelmed by your own thoughts, unable to trust yourself, say no & put boundaries to your unwanted habits or people, communication is difficult, taking care of you too, self-talk is mean and judging... let's talk about it! It doesn't need to stay as it was anymore. You and what's inside you are the datas you need to experiment life with more confidence, joy and drive. Thrilling to hear more about your story! Marine

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