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Valerie Schlegel

As a trilingual coach (English, French, German), a holistic mentor for women, an ex financial managing director and a speaker, Valerie helps women take their place in the world for the benefit of all genders.

Some examples of her wonderful clients' successes:

K. mid 30's, entertainer, film industry: Most of K. activities "were just to pay the bills". She was also single and rather disillusioned. Today, and after making clear choices about her professional activity, she is leveraging on her numerous talents to make a good life and career for herself… and she has met this amazing boyfriend.

H., mid 50, senior employee, town authority: H. was a single working mum "functioning all the time" and struggling with her teenage children. Through the coaching, she started putting herself first again. Eventually, she even nearly missed a coaching session because she was outside having fun biking with her sons. (love that story).

A. end 40, c-suite level, financial sector: experiencing impostor syndrome and low self-esteem, the coaching helped A. learn to feel confident in the board room, without getting wobbly or resigning to masculine authority. Aligned with her values, she reconnected to her playful part because as she put it: "I can be successful but I want to enjoy the ride too!"

Valerie worked in the financial sector for almost 20 years. She was a MD running a multimillion-dollar "trading and sales" business before she turned 35. She learned to tough it up, to successfully play the inner political game, to break the glass ceiling and… she nearly burned out! Eventually, having ignored all the signals of her body to slow down, she had to make the difficult decision to give up her career to (maybe) become a mum. While this story has a wonderful happy ending, she wishes from the bottom of her heart that others will not have to face such a hard choice.

Already a holistic women’s mentor, she became a coach to help people make conscious choices, discover their power, reconnect with their intuition and reintroduce fun in their lives. In her coaching, Valerie creates a virtual cosy cocoon allowing her clients to slow down and to gain clarity before "speeding up again".

She grew up in Switzerland from two feminist parents: her Parisian mum burning her bras at la Bastille (well almost :-)) and her Swiss dad, a strong women’s advocate. The place of women in the world has always been on her radar and she is very attentive and sensitive to it. 

A certified ICF coach, a "relationships and systems" coach and an OOM trainer, she also has the honour and the pleasure of accompanying women going through the "One of Many" programs as an OOM In-house coach. 

Finally, Valerie also takes speaking engagements and facilitates in companies on all topics related to "making the workplace a women-friendly environment for the benefits of all genders".

Currently living in Germany, she is looking to grow a German-speaking OOM community.

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