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  1. Andrea Yearsley
United Kingdom CF82 7GH

Are you facing overwhelm and burnout? Does life feel dull, mundane or uninspiring? Do you feel that you’re not reaching your full potential?

Andrea Yearsley is a Rapid Transformational Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Fulfilment coach.  She works with successful, intelligent women who want to put the sparkle back into their lives.

Andrea empowers clients to take back control of their lives, reconnect with their authentic selves, re-discover a world of boundless possibilities, gain clarity, direction and create balance within their life.

She passionately believes that when we choose to step up and embrace our own uniqueness and power, the future is limitless.

Andrea has been fascinated with personal development since her early teens and was eleven when she read her first book on the workings of the mind.  It is a passion that has continued throughout her life.

Andrea has experienced numerous transformations herself, starting as a dancer, before becoming stage manager of Sydney Opera House at the age of 24, then moving on to a career as an opera director.  In the late nineties, Andrea stepped sideways into television production. Although she was extremely successful, winning awards and hitting her career goals, she wasn’t fulfilled and was headed towards burnout.  When fertility issues forced her to slow down and take stock of her life, she decided that change was in order. After training as an RTT therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Andrea noticed that many of her female clients talked about a general dissatisfaction with their current lives.  Having been on the edge of burnout herself, struggling to find a life that made her feel joyous and complete, this really resonated with her.  It was connecting with One of Many and experiencing the power of coaching first hand that propelled Andrea to turn her own life around so dramatically.  Andrea decided to train as a One of Many Certified Coach and since qualifying, she has witnessed the extraordinary transformation her clients have experienced by committing to invest in themselves and their growth.

Andrea ignites the spark of change within her clients.  She gets enormous satisfaction seeing her clients grow and blossom into the women they were born to be. Andrea’s work has been featured on television, radio and in the newspapers.

When Andrea is not working she is a devoted mother, wife and daughter, awesome party thrower, dog owner and nature lover. She loves reading, dancing, travelling, learning new skills and tending her ever-expanding veg patch


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