Fatma Muharrem

  1. Fatma Muharrem
United Kingdom BA10

Encouraging generations of women to own their wisdom and stand in their power through the phases of womanhood

As a One of Many qualified Women’s Personal Leadership Coach and Voice Dialogue Facilitator, Fatma provides a non-judgemental, guilt-free space for women to move beyond any limiting beliefs and emotions, finding courage to listen and trust themselves and their own quiet inner voice, so they can create Success, Fulfilment and Happiness on their own terms.

As a believer that prevention is better than a cure, and recognising the impact of stress and multiple expectations on teens and young women, she also offers coaching/mentoring programmes, as well as Yoga for Teens, to assist them in managing stress, being well, and finding calm and genuine connection - enabling them to become better equipped to make choices and decisions with more inner strength and confidence.

From a young age Fatma set out to define her own path, which paved the way for her to explore life as the natural truth seeker that she is. It was a quiet voice from within that guided her, and even though it was always there pulling her along, she was often challenged by the louder external voices and expectations that surrounded her. She became interested in natural health and wellbeing, and how the mind and body work together. The benefits this brought her became a passion she wanted to share with others – Healing from within. 

Stepping outside of the societal norms and expectations of the time, she chose to create a work life balance on her own terms. She set up her own independent, self employed business in her early 20’s, and continued training to broaden her knowledge and skills to learn about the body and the impact of stress and stress related illnesses. As a hands-on Holistic Therapist, and later qualifying as a BWY Yoga Teacher, she treated and assisted others to combat and prevent stress and stress-related illnesses, whilst also offering guidance on natural health choices that respected each person’s unique and individual nature.

Bringing forth all her experience, Fatma now assists women across the generations to create a Holistic approach to life. She helps them explore, accept and be at ease with the whole and fullest version of themselves, not confined to the aspects that the structures within society and culture expect them to be within. She works with women who doubt themselves and feel challenged by choosing differently, helping them to access the internal strength and power that naturally resides within them: their own unique wisdom. 




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