Monika Hayrapet

  1. Monika Hayrapet

As a One of Many certified coach and trainer I specialise in helping families of all shapes navigate their way through periods of intense change or disruption.

Perhaps you or your family are overwhelmed, experiencing anxiety or trying to fit in with new circumstances at work, at school or at home, or even in a new country.

You may be concerned about your child’s mental wellbeing - particularly if they are teenagers experiencing anxiety around their relationships, their exams, social circle, identity, or the future. In times of change these anxieties are often highlighted and heightened.

I have over 20 years' experience working with teenagers and their parents: helping them to develop a deeper connection, embracing the skills and resilience needed to deal with life's challenges. And I am a mother, I know how often we find ourselves carrying the burden, holding everything together; feeling lonely, worried, unsupported and ‘guilty’ because we're unable to 'fix' things.

How would it be if you could dive into your own personal power and shift from a lack of focus and uncertainty into greater clarity and confidence in your family?

How would it be to feel that you've got this and that someone has your back? What if instead of conflicts and arguments you were able to create a safe space for all family members to express their feelings?

Imagine how it would be if instead of feeling overwhelmed you were enjoying a deeper connection with your teens. Leading by example you inspire confidence and resilience as a parent, helping your children thrive emotionally and have a healthy self-image and self-esteem.

I'm passionate about positively transforming the lives of families; ensuring that we are raising resilient children and empowering the next generation to become compassionate leaders and change makers. It would be my privilege to help you on this journey.


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