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  1. Sherryn Bowers
Sherryn Bowers

Compassionate Coach. Inspiring Speaker. Global adventurer. Avid photographer.

Truth seeker. Mischievous aunt. Loving friend.

Sherryn is committed to igniting women’s potential as influential leaders in life and in business, setting them up for sustainable success, where their impact also brings them great joy.

“I now have a new job where I’m passionate about what I do, am working with people who enrich my personal and professional life, and I feel alive!”

She spent over a decade working in Human Resources across New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe, creating workplace cultures designed to bring out the best in teams and individuals, before moving into leadership and executive coaching.

However, inspired by faith and a burning curiosity, her "corporate path" is regularly interspersed with “off-the-beaten-track” adventures. She’s taught English in Thailand, volunteered in Tanzania, worked with people with disabilities, run a half-way house for women released from prison, walked 900km solo across Spain, and raised $10,000 for The Hunger Project before attending their Women’s Leadership Immersive Program in Malawi (with only 10 weeks’ notice)

Externally she has always been recognised as a “strong, independent and successful” woman, well liked and respected whatever she went.

Internally, however, she was fuelled by a relentless drive to “prove herself”, a constant gnawing fear of being “found out” and a perfectionist streak that always saw her “falling short” of her (unattainably) high standards.

Feeling increasingly lost, lonely and deeply dissatisfied with life, she took to numbing the pain with excessive work, alcohol and TV consumption (sometimes in languages she didn’t even understand!), before eventually burning out in 2009.

This personal breakdown was the catalyst to shift gears and move into coaching, fuelled by a deep desire to discover what it would take to move from “successful but only just surviving” to “truly thriving” in life, personally and professionally.

Her diverse background means she is uniquely placed to support you:

  • Reclaim your personal power by turning your inner critic into your biggest cheer leader
  • Let go of others’ expectations so you can pursue your own dreams, desires and goals
  • Confidently and authentically express yourself, increasing your influence while shifting from invisible to invincible
  • Boldly make your difference, while transforming exhausted into energised, so you can live a life of purpose, joy and ease

“Sherryn helped me stop the inner critic voices and dare to think big, reinforcing my self-confidence and empowering me to get out of my own way"

She blends a sharp intellect and direct approach with an abundance of love, compassion and humour, helping her clients explore their blind spots and say YES to themselves as powerful, feminine leaders and role models.

Her clients particularly enjoy…

“She calls a spade a spade, with love”

“Her incredible presence, deep understanding of the women’s Powertypes and her playful way of taking you on a journey of self-discovery, connection and empowerment”

Sherryn, a global adventurer at heart, currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, although she still calls New Zealand home, and works with clients virtually across the globe.

Locally she runs a women's networking group called Connecting Women In Leadership. You are welcome to access the group via Meetup and online.

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