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As a Holistic Coach and Change specialist, I enjoy working with women in leadership from all walks of life. I bring to every conversation extensive experience of the relationship dynamics between people, in teams and organisations to enable fresh insights.

I have extensive experience coaching corporate leaders, as part of leadership, executive development or change programmes. I have worked for household brands in a diverse range of industries, including insurance, retail and professional services.

The biggest result, from working with Kathryn, is financial. I've gone from 1 to 5 clients and growing as a freelancer. From being in a £1000 deficit each month, I now contribute significantly to our household bills, I billed £2,500 last month of client work. It was only £400 a month when I started kathryn’s programme. We're going on holiday, which we never thought we'd be able to choose those few months back. Caroline W

After suffering from several pregnancy difficulties, post-natal depression and recognising her own health was stifled by long-term chronic fatigue, Kathryn drew on her coaching skills and behavioural change experience to re-design her own work/life balance and added specific tools for women, becoming a One of many Certified Coach. I now most enjoy supporting other women to lead differently, harnessing their soft power, so that they can achieve more in their life, family and career goals with less effort.

The biggest difference in my life from working with Kathryn is my self-confidence. To anyone thinking about working with Kathryn, ‘do it’. Jane P

Having gained an MSc in Executive Coaching and Behavioural Change, I have thoroughly enjoyed complimenting the academic understanding with an embodied experience of the Women’s Powertypes.

Member of the International Coach Federation. Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision (APECS) Associate Practitioner. Certified Hogan assessment (HPI, HDS & MVPI) and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI Step I & II) practitioner.

What I have noticed has made the biggest difference is noticing and realising my reactions. My self awareness has increased. I choose how to respond instead of going into my default unconscious autopilot reaction, which was zapping my energy and ultimately I felt like a doormat. Victoria S

Specialties: Women's Coaching, leading with soft power, evolving personally, personal and organisational dynamics & change, Tibetan Singing Bowl meditation.

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Phone: 07885453055

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