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  1. Sorrel Pindar
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Our relationships may be a site of hurt and pain, but they can also be a crucible for healing.

Relationship coaching is a powerful vehicle for healing the hurt and trauma clients experienced earlier in their lives, as well as building trust, connection and intimacy in the couple.

I work with women who are willing to embrace change and to step into their own sovereignty to create a new dynamic in their relationships. Working with the Women’s PowerTypes I guide my client towards a more balanced approach to her life – more sovereignty in her Queen, more self-love & self-care in her Lover, and more ease & flow in her Sorceress.

During 15 years of osteopathic practice (I am now retired from osteopathy), I worked with 100s of patients suffering from ME/chronic fatigue syndrome. During that time I learned the importance for recovery of resolving trauma patterns the patient had created during her childhood.

My own experience of trauma has informed my work and I now work as a trauma-informed coach supporting clients with both mental health problems and difficulties in relationships.

As a boarding school ‘survivor’ I have a special interest in women who went to boarding school and are starting to notice how that experience is playing out in their adult lives.

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