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JacQueline has over 20 years professional practice in Alternative medicine, Nutrition, Energy Re-Balancing and Spiritual Alignment.  She has a passion for dance and combines her skills to help others find balance in their emotional dance through life.  Relationships have always been an area of interest.  She learnt a lot, during her years of treating and supporting others through the challenges that invariably occur, between partners, parents and children, friends and ultimately the relationship with ourselves.

Through personal experience, the 'dance' for women who are told  "You intimidate men', "your too masculine", "you need to be softer", "men are scared of you", has become one that excites her.  Supporting women to transform that unwanted picture feels so rewarding. Having learnt over the years, to indeed soften, through workshops, books and now with this phenomenal coaching programme, she enjoys helping women find the balance between their strengths, without feeling they have to: get rid of them; hide them or wait for that man/partner to see through to the 'real me'.  She understands the effort in trying to be perfect, or to be and do what you have been told will attract that partner into your life.  She too has adopted the 'he's obviously not man enough' attitude, or 'don't focus on it and it will come'... only to find your still single years later.

That dance has happily changed for her and she enjoys helping other women change their dance to one they enjoy.




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