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I am a registered children’s nurse and senior nursing leader. I left a senior role within the NHS in early 2022 and established my own business Develop to Thrive. For many years as a leader, I sacrificed my own needs for that of my career. Working within healthcare, as with many other industries, I became very aware for the challenges that work was putting on me personally.  I decided to make some fundamental changes and move to a way of working that was aligned to my values, without reducing my impact.  I was fortunate to be introduced to One of Many TM at this time, which helped refocus my ways of thinking and showing up.

Central to the work I do and the purpose of my company is supporting the nursing workforce to maximise its impact and enhance healthcare delivery in a sustainable manner. I passionately believe that the nursing profession, does have and can continue to have a huge impact on global health, but you can only do that if you look after yourself first.

Education and workforce development has been an integral part of my nursing career. Supporting nurses to develop and thrive, during challenging times is fundamental to the work that I do.

As a coach my role is to support you to reach your potential, in a manner that is sustainable and true to the authentic version of you.   By combing these two skills sets, I can support you to be more, give more, be of greater service to the people you care for, in a way that is kind to yourself. Supporting you to shine and thrive.

If you my bio is of interest to you, and you feel you would like to explore having a conversation to see if my way of working is aligned to your need please email at [email protected] to arrange a call. I look forward to speaking with you.

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