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Debbie is a Transformational Business coach and Intuitive healer, working with women’s health and wellbeing. She believes that by treating the cause of the health problems, not the symptoms, is key to being happy, healthy and healed. She is also the Founder of coaching programmes 'Womb Wisdom ‘and 'You by Design', Debbie is also the first One Of Many Coaches from South Wales.

The women that reach out to Debbie are Executive women in high powered corporate roles, suffering quietly from health implications such as stress, burn out and adrenal fatigue. With many experiencing erratic menstruation, loss of cycles increased symptoms of PMS and painful cramps.

Debbie specializes in recognizing the precise, geometric, energetic and underlying patterns that make you who you are using an energy blueprint map based on the Human Design Programme.

Debbie started her working career at the age of 16, moving into pharmaceuticals and studying pharmacy by day and qualifying as a beauty therapist by night while pregnant with her first child aged 20. Her love of medicine took over and soon after the birth of her son she returned to study, spanning a 17-year career in NHS pharmacy. She worked in many fields including retail, hospital and prison pharmacies where she set up a drug and rehabilitation clinic and worked closely with Doctors and Consultants to provide home care medication for the elderly and patients with special needs.

Debbie was headhunted to join a cluster of practitioners to start working in-house in the medical community to advise on the best suitable medicines for their patients. It was while working there that she had a ‘eureka’ moment and decided to set up a cleaning business as she saw a niche in the market for a new cleaning company. In 2009, through word of mouth, Debbie picked up her first cleaning contract, progressing to 20 clients within the first year. Her organization became the Number 1 cleaning company, specializing in Health Centre cleaning, across Swansea South Wales, taking the business from zero to five figures in 8 months then to six figures in just over 12 months. All this while still working 40 hours a week in her pharmacy role!

Unsurprisingly, Debbie decided that something had to give, and she walked away from her NHS role to concentrate on the business. Continually on her own she successfully ran the business for another two years, with 50 employees, her passion for the industry soon became a double-edged sword, causing Debbie to burn out and her company going into liquidation. Not wanting her staff and clients to suffer, Debbie started afresh with a new business, along with her team and clients with her and with hard work and lessons learned she turned the business around and still retained her clients.

Debbie has excellent abilities at building, growing and maintaining businesses with the ability to pull together into a cohesive team. Expert at working through challenges that are present in any enterprise. She has the unique ability to develop a network and teach how to service that system, demonstrating that the real influence of a business is not through marketing, but by keeping the company in contact with everyone who is important - clients, suppliers, and customers. Debbie works 1-2-1 via Skype , telephone, zoom she offers VIP day packages and 6-12 month coaching programmes.

Some fun facts


  • A Board Member for the YMCA Swansea
  • Business Mentor for Business Wales.
  • A certified Angelic Reiki therapist
  • A Past Life Regression and Inner child therapist
  • Medical Empath with a beautiful gift of Clairsentience
  • A Licenced coach at One of Many ™
  • A lover and worker with angels every day
  • Blessed with two beautiful children aged 17 and 20

Her guardian angel is her dog who is always by her side and books are her ‘shoes’ - she will often have three or more on the go.





Contact Information
Phone: 07968849269