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Are you feeling stuck in a career that no longer seems to suit you?  Do you feel the call for a shift and want to reinvent your career, but don't know where to get started?
Or maybe you know you are at the right place but lack leadership and visibilty to fully show up?
What if it was time for you to decide to have the life you want rather than the life you can?

As a professional coach, strategist and facilitator in the fields of Career Management, Women's Leadership and Personal Branding, Nathalie can guide you to reconnect with your talents and inner leader, design a project that resemble you, and create the professional lifestyle you deserve. What really motivates her is to inspire, reveal and mobilize your potential and uniqueness to help you live a fulfilling and  meaningful career . She combines her skills and know-how with the amazing Tools of One of Many to offer tailor-made programs to professional and executive women who want to feel aligned, powerful and impactful without sacrificing who they truly are.

Before developping her own coaching and training business, Nathalie had worked for 10 years as a Purchase and Sales Manager in Retail , a challenging context where she had to deal with the rules of a very masculine environment. Not really prepared to that, she struggled to find her way throught and at some point faced the so called "glass ceiling". From that experience she decided she wanted to discover and better understand how to develop constructive professional relationships, effective communication skills  and self-confidence, and trained herself in Transactional Analysis, Co-Active Coaching and talent management. Since more than 15 year now she has been working in the corporate world as a trainer and a coach, to support Managers, Executives and Solopreneurs with a professional style that sets her apart: enthusiasm, positivity, insight and a reassuring personal investment, to helps them  thrive and succeed in their professional projects, experimenting joy and fulfillment.

Convinced that women have amazing talents and a significant role to play to transform and reinvent the workplace for the better, Nathalie's mission is to work with passionnate and open minded women who want to feel aligned with their values, have a meaningful career, step up and shine to create the changes they want to see, and evolve with joy and self-confidence.


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