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Karen Wolfsbauer is the owner of Consciously Reconnect, an energy and crystal healer, meditation teacher, massage therapist and a Certified One of Many Empowerment Coach. My own journey of awakening began from experiencing a number of physical illnesses/issues and also burn out and chronic fatigue. Being told the pain was in my head by a medical professional was a gift which allowed me to turn to the holistic avenue.  This changed my life and lead me to heal physically, mentally and emotionally.  It allowed me to see I had disconnected myself from my life. Because of the amazing results I experienced in my journey of recovery from various modalities, I wanted to be able to share and guide other people to find truth within theselves also. "During our 12 week coaching sessions, Karen was always relaxed,supportive and empathetic, Happy to celebrate my breakthroughs and my wins.  But also Karen will hold you accountable to make sure you get the most out of her coaching and the wonderful tools she will teach you" My philosophy is to provide a nuturing safe space where clients can talk and be heard, together working to create an empowerment package that fits their own unique requirements.  Passing on intuitive insights to help expand and support you. Bring Transformation by re programming and re-aligning beyond the limiting thought patterns of control and conditioning, connecting to the heart of the matter to find the seed of divine brilliance within, the seed of pure magic. From a Tiny Seed comes a Mighty Oak

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