Marlena Lewandowska

  1. Marlena Lewandowska
Marlena Lewandowska
Poland 62-640

Happier relationship, less sacrifice.

Marlena is a One of Many™ Certified Women's Coach. She helps women who perhaps sacrifice themselves a bit too much in a relationship and often end up agreeing to things, they feel (deep down in their heart), they do not want.

She helps them to:

  • understand what they want & need,
  • communicate it to their partner/family, in a calm, confident & effective way,
  • believe they truly deserve the best & start getting it.

If you want to stop thinking about all the things you should or have to do

& start creating a life YOU ENJOY

 book a FREE coaching session with me, to discuss how you can do it!

Do it.

Simply because, YOU deserve the best.

I often travel between Poland (where my roots are), UK (because English summer is beautiful) and Mauritius (because one summer in a year is not enough), so you never know which airport you can meet me at 😉

Come and say hi, you never know, maybe it will change your life forever!

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