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"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”  MARY OLIVER

There are so many expectations and pressures these days, pulled every which way with the demands of life, we often feel overwhelmed. “I haven’t got time” is our mantra yet we still we struggle to set boundaries and say “no” adding more to our ever-growing to-do list! Life can feel hard, that we have to achieve everything through pure grit and determination – and not forgetting we have to do it all perfectly! We compare ourselves with others and beat ourselves up if we feel we fall short. We neglect ourselves to the point of exhaustion and burnout.

We have more than than we have ever had, yet we are more unhappy that we’ve ever been…..but it doesn’t have to be this way….
The One of Many programme will enable you to push the re-set button. It will give you the breathing space to discover what you actually want and need and to live your life with balance and fulfillment. Whether you’re a high flyer at the top of your game, running your own business or a full-time mum, you will truly blossom when you find your true self and live your life according to your values.

Two recent clients:-
“Life has been enriched for me….I feel more able to tackle challenges and I have a focus and direction that I didn't have before. I am kinder to myself, more forgiving and I’m recognising my strengths and abilities in different aspects of my life”

“… I was able to see more clearly where change was needed. I have set up a better support network, stopped doing some things that were taking my time and energy for little benefit or joy and free up time to do what I love. The me I lost has been emerging with full force”

Prior to becoming a Mum and setting up her coaching business, Margaret spent nearly twenty years travelling the world as cabin crew. When her son started school, she left flying to be a full-time mum. Over the next few years, she studied with the Open University, did volunteer work and helped out at her son’s school but felt her life lacked purpose.
A weekend spent at a One of Many Conference had a profound effect. Their message really spoke to her and she enrolled on the very first One of Many coaching certification course and has not looked back. She is passionate about helping women to find their purpose, recognise their contribution and achieve their full potential.

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