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Learn how to save time, crush guilt and achieve Queen of Calm status at home AND at work, without adding more to your schedule. This powerful 12-session coaching program is the most valuable commitment you might ever make to your growing family, your executive career and your joyful, balanced self.   Hello, my love. I'm Karyn Brinkley, a "been there" coach of executive women, especially executive moms, with expertise in coaching overworked and overwhelmed women through burnout and major life transitions such as career progression, reentry to the workplace after parental leave, negotiating flexibility, navigating childcare and elders care, and modelling successful, balanced feminine leadership to your work teams. I've been where you are now. I’ve been a mum working an executive career and raising a child on my own, and feeling every day like I’m failing one or the other, or both. I’ve been where you are. And I’ve found a way to ‘do’ my life better, to be a better mum and a better executive – and I want to share what I’ve learned so you don’t have to keep feeling guilty, feeling torn, feeling like you’re needed in two places at once and never properly in either of them. Feeling like you’re letting your kids and your career and yourself down. I’ve been there. And I can show you some powerful strategies you can implement straight away to show up differently for your kids, your career and yourself. By the end of our first session, you’ll have clarity about the most important changes you need to make, in your day, in your job, in your home, in your life. And by the end of our last session, you’ll have the strategies and insights you need to be a successful, high-achieving executive and a successful, loving, calm and present mum, on your own terms. After that, I'm still here to coach and support you as you need me — as new challenges arise for you, your kids or your career. Great coaching, coaching that transforms you, is an intensely personal experience – you want to be sure you’ve found the right coach for you, somebody with the real-life experiences and insights and strategies you need, because you’re not just investing money in this learning, you’re investing time. And when you’re an executive solo mum, time is one thing you can’t afford to waste. In fact, that’s one of the first things we’ll learn: I have some life-changing strategies for putting more time in your day, so this coaching program pays dividends just in the time you save to become a more successful high-achieving executive, as well as a more calm, loving, present mother. Let's book in a discovery call and find out if this coaching program is the one that will change things for you, your kids and your career, forever. I can’t wait to talk to you!

Here's what other clients have said about their experience with me


"Karyn personalises the program to her clients in a way that is truly transformative.
By addressing our learned beliefs, our triggers, our life balance, even our monthly cycles, I found a path from near-burnout to flourishing – and I believe others will too.
Her mentorship has been so instrumental to my career, but also my wellbeing. As a working mum, I can't recommend her coaching highly enough."
Janelle, Strategic Communications Manager
"After just one week, Karyn had me focused on rebuilding my self-trust and confidence.
Each week we explored new challenges and whilst the activities and advice were gentle and seemed like tiny changes in how I viewed myself, spoke to myself or others, or prepared or recharged for my work week, the effects were significant.
Throughout the program, I tackled challenges in my career that had previously crippled me. I took risks and gave myself permission to care less and have fun learning. I noticed colleagues ‘seeing me’ more.
My advice to those considering this program is to step up and open up to the benefits of this program. Trust the approach and give yourself over to it. Do the homework, be honest with yourself and be prepared to change. If you’re thinking ‘is this it?’ for your life - this is for you!" Carrie, Treasury Associate
 "If you are seeking an exceptional coach, one who brings depth of proven professional experience and a toolkit full of techniques and strategies to help you grow professionally but also really teach you the importance of self-care to be your absolute best and lead a successful fulfilling life, then Karyn is the executive coach for you."
Michelle, Technology Director


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