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Anthea is an experienced certified One of Many Women’s Life Coach who is passionate about helping you make the choices and decisions you need to live your best possible life.

Having worked for over ten years in the direct sales industry, Anthea brings with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  She has successfully coached and mentored scores of women to follow their passion and achieve that elusive work/life balance.

Anthea has developed a deep love for helping women transform their lives into what they want it to be through learning how to control and manage their response to life’s situations and circumstances.  She will show you how to protect and replenish your own “well” so that you are in a better position to meet the challenges and demands facing the modern women.

Anthea’s goal is to leave you feeling in control, balanced and prepared. She will coach you through the One of Many tools, techniques and strategies to empower you to manage your strengths and weaknesses in every area of your life. This will enable you to face life’s challenges, big and small, with confidence.

Anthea goes above and beyond in her caring and is a natural encourager, with one acquaintance once telling her “You could encourage worn out old boots to get up and dance!”

Anthea draws on life experience that is wide and varied.  She is a loving wife of nearly 30 years and a mum to two grown children.  She has cared for disabled children and been the primary carer for the aged through long illnesses until the end, so she understands the joys and challenges of all ages.  She has been a stay-at-home mum, returned to the workforce and has personally experienced job-induced overwhelm and burn-out in a management role.  She has come out the other side having taken back control of her life and of what is important to her.

Her achievements and success in these areas give Anthea a unique perspective on what it takes to guide women into a place where they are in charge of their lives. This has developed in her a passion to offer this gift to others.

Roberta was one to receive this gift – read what she has to say - The 12 week program allowed me to experience so many different facets of awakening from working through a tough relationship, to making more time for myself, to validating what I already know and do, to taking action with my moods and emotions, to pushing myself to make bigger plans personally and professionally. Perhaps my biggest success is that I grew to become 100% accountable for taking positive action in my life and I have stopped making excuses. Through working with Anthea, I have become more aware of my surroundings, my habits, my soft spots, my weaknesses and my strengths. It has better prepared me to recognise the “ups” and the “downs” of my life so that I can put into practice strategies to balance these swings. Thank you Anthea for a wonderful self-awakening experience! …….Roberta

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