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dominique ara
Romanel-sur-Morges, Switzerland 1122

Dominique has studied human relationships, psychology, leadership, self-development, and communication for over twenty years. She shares her knowledge with business leaders and individuals to help them transform their lives. Becoming One of Many Certified Coache and Trainer has been another milestone in her business journey. Originally born in Belgium, Dominique moved to Japan at the age of six, which gave her a fascinating insight into two infinitely different cultures. She was able to observe first-hand how both societies operate and what it took to become successful in each. She is also very aware of how "masculine centered culture" works and impacts women. Dominique has dedicated her life to learning what makes humans and Women tick. She studies, researches, and reads everything she can, and shares her findings with her clients. Her philosophy is to learn, test, analyze, improve, and re-test with her clients. Her motto is "Stay agile, stay curious" so you are best positioned to respond quickly and effectively to market forces and environmental changes, Her customer says that she a dynamic, creative, and engaged individual who isn't afraid to take risks. She energizes her clients and opens their minds to the myriad possibilities within their reach. She qualifies herself as being a Soft Skills Energizer, Transformative Leader, and The Queen of Possibilities.

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