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Lise-Ann Mclaughlin

Coaching is the most important work I do. I do it because I really care that women get the best chance at life. As a former actor and screenwriter, women and their life experiences have always been my focus.

Women give, give and give and often end up feeling tired, resentful, angry or depressed.

These are words I hear all the time from women and it’s not coming from a place of moaning

or self pity, it’s from a place of frustration or despair.

From feeling stuck or isolated — and from not knowing how to get out of that place.

So how much are you juggling?  Career, kids, partners, family, washing, cooking, travel, money, shopping, driving…the list is endless .

And you wonder why you can’t get clear on how to change? Why it is so hard to sort the chaos in your brain?

If you know what you want to do but you’re just not doing it — why aren’t you, what’s holding you back?

Or maybe you haven’t a clue what to do next with your life but know there’s more — why not discover what that is? 

We’re all unique. We have our own special blend of insecurities — but we also have our very own special blend of brilliance.

Sometimes we just can’t see that brilliance within ourselves — but I see you!

And I will take you to a place where you can see you own unique brilliance too.

If these words are ringing a bell with you then get in touch.

I’ll help you to clear the craziness, take you to a place of zen and plan a better way forward….

Having been stuck, frustrated and confused myself I know the biggest and best thing you can do is reach out and get some support.

Email me and we’ll set up a chat to see what works for you.

I work by Zoom or Skype, across the globe.


Lise-Ann is the first and only One of Many coaches to live in Ireland! Having been and actor and screenwriter all her life, Lise-Ann turned to organising life-enhancing event days for women, know as Wild at Heart days. She then qualified as a coach with IAPC&M and for the last few years has worked with women, with wonderful results  Training to be a One of Many coach has added hugely to her coaching practice and to her life. She is currently training to become one of the first One of Many trainers.

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