Jules Horn

  1. Jules Horn
United Kingdom BA12 7HW

I am at that stage in my life where I am celebrating my first half century (I am nearly 5 years into this process!) and diving wholeheartedly into my second! I consider myself a late starter by nature; late motherhood, mature student, late spiritual development - all this has given me a deep certainty that it is never too late to make transformations in life.

As an artist I delight in using creative tools for personal development. I especially enjoy guiding those, who do not consider themselves to be creative, on a transformational journey of their own, discovering their own latent creativity on the way!

In my own practice I use meditation, Creative Journalling, spirituality and grounded, practical action to deal with stress and to nurture a vibrant and joyful life - I look forward to using all of this and the amazing One Of Many tools to help you do the same.

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