Dr Jen West

  1. Dr Jen West
United Kingdom SG9

Jen offers coaching to women who feel that their major challenges in life are affected by health-related issues.

"Bringing the excitement and clarity of coaching to difficult and challenging situations, I am prepared to believe in you and in your ability to become the best version of yourself, whatever your challenges."

As an NHS GP for 30 years, Jen has lived through the ups and downs of combining a busy family life with a demanding professional life. She has seen how the certainties of life can disappear when faced with serious illness, bereavement and work stress- either for oneself, or a close family member.

Jen is loving the transformation from full-time to GP to Life Coach, Lifestyle Medicine doctor and Long Covid specialist. She has enjoyed a challenging career in the NHS, and knows the difficulties of working whilst also remaining as sane as possible, and being available as wife, mother, friend and Scottish granny of 4 bairns.

She believes that coaching should be available to all, regardless of race, country where you live, or income. Please enquire about her Pro Bono programme if you have economic challenges, or work in a developing country.


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