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Marlena Lewandowska

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Feel 'at home' in your own life.


Marlena is a One of Many™ Certified Women's Coach. Thanks to 10 years of being an expat (Canada, UK, Mauritius) and London corporate world experience, she understands what it means to be a foreigner in a team or in a neighborhood.

You work more, try harder and sacrifice a lot, to give yourself & your family a better future. You want to prove that you are as capable as everyone else, because, even if you don't admit it, somewhere in the back of your mind, you feel somehow not good enough... At the same time you'd like to be a loving partner or mother but it's often so hard to do it all. Even after living many years in the 'new' country, from time to time you still ask yourself 'Am I doing the right thing?' or 'Should I go back?'.

By working on self-esteem and work-life balance, Marlena helps women to get rid of the feeling that they have to constantly push through, sacrifice their needs and give more in order to 'prove' something. She helps them to achieve, what they want to achieve and do, what they have to, with less energy & effort. She shows women how to be more confident but don't come across as bossy.


If you want to stop thinking about all the things you should do

& start creating a LIFE you ENJOY, exactly where you are,

 book a FREE CALL with me, to discuss how you can do it!


It's easier than you think!

I often travel between Poland (where my roots are), Mauritius (where I live now) and UK (simply because I miss the weather ;)), so you never know which airport you can meet me at 😉 Come and say hi, you never know, maybe it will change your life forever!

Simply because, YOU deserve to feel happy, balanced and fulfilled.

Contact Information
Phone: +23057932668 (WhatsApp)