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Hannah has been training with Dr Joanna Martin and One of Many since March 2016 and has diversified from a long standing career as a lawyer, into coaching and training women looking for more happiness, peace and contentment in life, more "balance".

Hannah's clients are usually professional career women often with families, who have started to feel as though something is missing from life.   They may have a long list of achievements but have started to wonder where the happiness is.

After years climbing the corporate ladder while missing school plays, dinner dates and family gatherings, is there another way?

Spending a lifetime being the person you are expected to be and not knowing who your "authentic self” really is?  Working with Hannah will help you find the answers you are looking for using powerful tools created by One of Many for the Certified Women's Coaching programme.

They say "happiness is an inside job" - Hannah's job is to help her clients to find it.

Outside of her work with One of Many, Hannah leads popular "Happiness Workshops" and runs her legal business from home alongside her young family.

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