Rebecca Marsden

  1. Rebecca Marsden
United Kingdom NG22 0JG

Rebecca a One of Many Certified Women’s Coach trained by Dr Joanna Martin is passionate about helping women to take a step away from their everyday and using the powerful tools within the One of Many Women’s Coaching program, create a life they love.

Rebecca felt that she spent 20 years being superwomen, setting goals, being everything she thought the world wanted her to be. As a career women within the fashion industry she felt, people thought her “successful” from the outside, growing businesses for other people, one business from 0 to 3.2 million in 18 month, but all the while knew she wasn’t living the life she wanted.

Having experienced abusive negative relationships and the debt trap created by those relationships she felt she had to create wealth regardless of her own needs and superwomen, stress & overwhelm was born. Rebecca took the decision to change by reviewing exactly what she wanted from life and created intention steps to work towards that vision for her future.

Having worked via various programs, including the One of Many Women’s Program, Rebecca re-gained her confidence and self-belief, now she helps other women to do the same for their own lives.

As a trained holistic therapist and mentor to women creating small businesses doing what they love, Rebecca has seen the positive impact of working closely with women. The One of Many Women’s Coaching program has allowed Rebecca to reach more women and takes joy inspiring those women to have confidence in themselves and clarity to create a life they love.

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