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  1. Maria Baeck (Bäck)
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Based on her own experience, Maria knows what it is like to be curious and independent and to have a strong work focus combined with choosing not to have children – a positive choice that feels right for her.

She also knows about the doubts, questions, and raised eyebrows from the outside world as a result of that choice. The feeling that you are on your own, that your path is a path less travelled... The sometimes not-so-subtle suggestions from others that not having children is unnatural... The feeling guilty for being ‘selfish’... The struggle to think of yourself as a ‘complete’ woman who has chosen not to have children…, the list goes on.

Since 2005, Maria has developed techniques and practices that have transformed her outlook and life. By testing, exploring, and defining ways of being authentic and inspired, she has found ways to fulfilment, meaning, and freedom that reach beyond the standard model in today’s world. As a licensed coach with One of many™ there is now added exponential power and strength in her toolkit.

Maria’s own life experience and 30+ years in the corporate world is a perfect platform for supporting her clients in creating a foundation for experiencing greater inner & outer freedom and for practicing inspired and soulful leadership ​in business and in life.

Knowing what she was missing when she started out on this path herself, Maria provides a space where her clients can talk about, expand, and explore their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives — a safe space for nourishing conversations that offer a path to courage, confidence, clarity, and connection, as well as time for reflection.

Being spiritually inclined, Maria includes a spiritual perspective that honours ‘seekers’ and ‘finders’ and takes things to a different level. She invites her clients to explore their sense of inner & outer freedom through the lens of three guiding questions: 'Are you showing up fully?', 'Are you embodying your values?', and 'Are you owning your gifts?'.

Maria first got introduced to an earlier version of these questions in the early 2000s. Having continually explored them since, she has a great perspective on how these questions offer a path to greater fulfilment, strength, and freedom.


Maria understands systems as well as people. During her career in the high-tech electronics industry, she has built a successful track record in sales operations, business administration, and leadership roles spanning continents and cultures. And more importantly, she’s learned to appreciate that external factors don’t determine our experience nearly as much as internal ones do.

For her, who someone is, is more important than what they do. Attitude and inner awareness are what hold the keys to our sense of fulfilment, empowerment, and freedom. She is a Swedish expatriate with a curious mind who has a love for meaningful conversations. Her interest in exploring new perspectives has been a part of who she is for as long as she can remember.

She refers to herself as a Mentor and Guide, and her expertise is in deep reflective/active listening and making the invisible visible. Her aim is to help shift perspectives – to provide her clients with the space, the tools, the support, and the inspiration to expand their horizons.

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