Estelle Mutum

  1. Estelle Mutum
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom NE66 2PS

Quite simply, it is to "Make a Difference" coaching, mentoring, and supporting leaders through leadership and transformational change.

As a dedicated leadership and empowerment coach, I specialise in unlocking the leadership qualities with leaders who are embarking on change and transformation with themselves and their teams.

With 30 years as a highly motivated and successful business transformation consultant operating with and alongside c-suite professionals, directors and senior managers, I have a deep understanding of what it takes as a leader to not only deliver but embed change; during this time, I have coached, mentored and provided consultancy services to organisations in many different industries from new start-ups to multi-nationals.

Coaching is my passion. I work with and alongside leaders and their organisations to make a difference because inspired and motivated leaders not only make change happen they embody cultural and social dynamics that make teams great!

Lets work closely on your leadership values, your cultural dynamics, your strategic direction, which leads to strategic capabilities and operational effectiveness through the lens of leadership because together we can

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