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I’m ready to listen to you.

When my second daughter was born, I was told in a dream that my most important job is to listen. In lives filled with work, partners, children, and many other things, finding someone who shows up with full, open-hearted presence is a rare gift. Now that I am a certified One of many™ coach, I’m a professional listener—listening to you with a full and open heart.

Do you remember when you were about 11 or 12? What were some of your biggest challenges? Probably things like cliques, crushes, and body image. If you didn’t know how to navigate those challenges, it might have led to low self-esteem, eating disorders, cutting, anxiety, and depression. Problems that could affect you for a lifetime.

That’s what our daughters are facing today. And worse.

That's why I bring adolescent girls together in coming-of-age circles, guiding them with the tools, knowledge, and love they need to become strong, confident young women. A circle gives them:

  • A safe space to ask questions, share big feelings, learn new skills, and be themselves
  • Peers who learn to respect and trust each other
  • Wise and caring guides who put the girls’ well-being first

That's also why I work with mums who have tween and teen daughters. Through one-to-one coaching and circles, I offer:

  • A safe space to show up just as you are, no judgment
  • Relief from anxiety: You are doing your best and it is enough!
  • The wisdom of other mothers who have walked in your shoes

When we come together, we are strong. I’m here to be strong for mothers and daughters so we can thrive during the key turning points in our lives.

I started my career as an advisor for high school students attending the University of Minnesota, then I became a marketing communications writer at High Point Creative, a small woman-owned agency. Although I worked for many years as a writer, I’m most proud of the poetry I’ve published, and I’m working on my first collection of tanka (a Japanese form of five-line poetry) about motherhood.

Even before my life as a mum, I spent many years working with an Enneagram coach, learning to stop criticising myself and bringing more play back into my life. I also studied with a Zen teacher, ultimately receiving jukai (layperson’s ordination), which is a commitment to live with curiosity and love. Meditation and mindfulness continue to be important to me, especially in supporting my professional work. When I am take care of my own energy, I can create a safe, loving space for my clients to be truly seen and heard.

As my life has changed, I’ve also invested in anti-racism training, somatic experiencing coaching, book club friends, parenting support, psychic development, and even moon magic. All this learning has helped me see beyond my limited world view, uncover more empathy, and practise kindness. Of course, I’m also part of a powerful circle of women, and being part of that group has helped me to rage through my anger, cry all kinds of tears, feel deep love, fall to the ground, then get up again. And again. And again. As a mama bear. As a sorceress. As a healer.

I see you, and I know how you are challenged to find the energy to care for yourself and your family. I know how you wish you could pause and care for yourself first. As a mum with three kids working full time, I’m right here with you.

If you are looking to set aside the noise of everyday life and reconnect with your true self, I’m ready to listen to you.


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