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Sharon O'Brien
United Kingdom Okehampton

Have you lost sight of the authentic you? The you who was curious, creative and courageous? Do you long to break free from the fear of judgement, to break the chain of regulations and rules and reconnect with your hidden, untamed and authentic self?

I’m sure, like me, you’ve re-invented yourself before and it seemed a lot easier than it does now! Maybe because we’ve had longer existing in the expectations of our family, friends and cultures, maybe because (peri) menopause has created uncertainty and a fear that time is ‘running out’ and we can’t afford to make bad decisions. Maybe for you, it’s that you have a lack of clarity around what you want, and what is missing in your life making you uncertain about how you go about making changes. So you stay frozen; paralyzed by the fear of getting it wrong and of the impact those changes may make.

That's why I created The Midlife Miracle. A unique coaching experience tailored to you so you can re-claim the untamed, authentic you, and re-write your road-map to live your choices sustainably and happily.

After an eclectic career doing everything from being a children's nanny to jetting around the world as a trainer, and after an abusive relationship, marriage, divorce, multiple house moves, four rounds of redundancy in five years, burnout and a nervous breakdown, and after spending my whole life trying to mould myself into what other people wanted and expected from me, I had completely lost sight of myself and what I wanted and I knew I had to make some serious change!

Now a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, counsellor, psychotherapist, Life Healing Workshop Leader (Louise Hay) and One of many (TM) Certified Coach I have an extensive toolkit filled with elegantly simple but hugely powerful tools and techniques.

If you’re looking for friendly, straightforward and down-to-earth support, AND fantastic, proven tools and techniques that will help you to re-invent yourself, on your terms – I’m your woman! Email me to set up a chat to see what works for you.

Based in Devon, UK and surrounded by cows (which is cool as I'm an introvert with bursts of extrovert) I work globally by Zoom (audio only) and I look forward to speaking with you soon

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