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I’ve spent a lifetime listing all the things I must change about myself to fit the model of success I’ve been made to believe is important.
Why are the dahlias growing in my neighbours garden and not mine? I must be doing something wrong. Why is that couple getting pregnant? There must be something wrong with me. If I could just understand finance I’d be better at my job! I always get it wrong.
Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we focus on everything that’s “wrong”?
Maybe you’ve learnt, like me, that these ‘reality checks’ you give yourself is what will make you grow. Well here’s the thing. What I’ve come to realise is that nurturing what comes naturally and understanding what’s really important to you isn’t only more fulfilling. It’s much more fun too.
My natural skills are human skills. Calmly navigating emotional highs and lows, giving strength in times of vulnerability. Providing just the right amount of challenge and just the right amount of support for you to be, and do, whatever you choose.
Let’s accept who we really are. Let’s grow into the person we really want to be. Let’s celebrate our incredible brilliance wholeheartedly.
I believe that when we do, a sublime shift will happen. The workplace will need to change. Society will need to change. Politics, fashion, stereotypes, it will all need to change. Because we have. Because we aren’t willing to accept what we’re being told we should be. The potential in every woman unashamedly pursuing what’s right for them is immense.
My one to one coaching programme will take you through your own journey to celebrating what’s uniquely you. If you’re ready to strip yourself of the labels other people have for you, take the first step and get in touch.
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