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  1. Samantha Halliwell

As an accountant she has experience in both practice and in industry. Starting in practice and working her way up to managing many high profile clients, she has experienced business owners from a huge variety of sectors and at all levels of company size and reputation.

Working for two practices with a forward thinking mindset she not only produced the accounts and all of the statutory records her clients were required to comply with, she also engaged with them in a more rounded, detailed way, ensuring that the clients truly understood their figures, what they represented, where their strengths & weaknesses lay and how to address the latter.

She has helped her clients with their big decisions from cashflow expenditure to acquisitions and disposals, weighing up their choices and presenting the information to enable decision making to be well thought out.

Since leaving the practice environment and moving to industry Samantha has worked for a large national retail company, heading up the finance department, ensuring all monetary matters are reported and detailed as the directors require and managing the team through big changes both in personnel & systems.

She has seen and experienced the effects of overwhelm and burnout on a physical, emotional and mental health point of view. She has also witnessed first hand that discovering the right tools along with the right support it is possible to turn things around and recapture the purpose that enables us to be our best self

Becoming a certified coach, helping women managers and business owners review their leadership styles and identifying how they’re showing up in the world and working with them to transform into the leader they are meant to be, providing them with tools that help them both at work and home that allow them to turn their back on overwhelm and burnout is something she is deeply passionate about.

Samantha combines the two seemingly unrelated disciplines to give a truly collaborative approach to the work/life balance. Whilst coaching the individual on their leadership capabilities, identifying their existing challenges and helping them bring about their desired changes, she will also delve into the companies accounting figures and demonstrate how the change the person behind the numbers achieves will also impact the culture and profit figures of the company that the leader is connected to, using the incredible tools from the One of Many certified coaching programme and tapping into the previous experience she has to share.

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