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Chelle Shohet
United Kingdom SG7 5NR

Chelle Shohet is The Self Love Stylist.

As well as a One of Many Certified Coach Chelle is a multiple business owner, a coach, mentor, speaker, designer, stylist, lover of fashion, wife and very proud mother.

Chelle is on a mission to change the way that women and girls view and treat themselves and their bodies! 

Coming from a background in the fashion and corporate luxury goods sector Chelle witnessed first hand the real, raw, long lasting and far reaching effects that low self confidence, low self esteem, negative body image, self comparison and the inner critic can have on a woman and her life as a whole!

She also experienced the above first hand through her own life and health challenges giving her a very unique and powerful insight.

With so many expectations, demands and pressures in our modern day lives combined with the never-ending media message that we are somehow not good enough, not fit enough, thin enough, pretty enough, life can be tough and challenging. It can leave women feeling overwhelmed, burnt out and with a very poor view of themselves and their bodies, often inadvertently passing this on to their own sons and daughters just like Chelle’s mother unwittingly did with her and her sister’s.

And its because of this Chelle works with women to change the way they view and treat themselves both inside and out. Discovering and developing their own unique style and mind, body and soul confidence and bringing this all to life with energy, love and passion. So that they can be the best wife, best mother, best daughter, friend, business owner or employee they can be.

Imagine leaving behind the overwhelm, burn out, self sabotage and self doubt, along with the low self confidence, low self esteem and negative body image once and for all. And replacing it with an Unrock-able inner mind body and soul confidence, bringing to life your truly unique style and hvaing the skills and tools to empower you to navigate life with ease and grace so that you can share this with your sons and daughters, nieces and nephews!

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