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Rhonda Chrimes
Australia Kalgoorlie 6430

True Colours

I see your true colours, and that's why I love you, so don't be afraid to let them show, your true colours, true colours are beautiful, like a rainbow.

Performed by Cyndi Lauper; Writers: Billy Steinberg, Tom Kelly

Rhonda is proud to be an Aussie (Nationalised) of English/Scottish/Irish roots, born in New Guinea before independence (so also an unbeknown illegal immigrant for 14 years in Australia - whoops) relocated briefly to Melbourne, then Perth and who has now lived in regional Western Australia for over 30 years.

As part of revealing her own true colours, she intimately knows what it is like to be at a given time in your life where the picture you had painted of how and what things SHOULD be like – JUST AREN’T!

The more people she has spoken to, the more she has found that this doesn’t matter how old you are… it seems that these times of apparent crisis can happen at any age or stage or aspect of life.

  • You know when it feels like while you have been working madly away on one area of your life and you find out it doesn’t even remotely fulfil you like you thought it would, but you believe it is too late to change course.
  • You may feel unheard, overlooked, under-valued, overwhelmed or unfulfilled - that you are just going through the autopilot motions every day and the life you secretly dreamed about is vanishing as time passes you by.
  • You reach another birthday and as you look around on everyone’s social media or listen in at the pub or in the lunch room and you say “FML I am xx years old and I thought by now I would have had that soulmate / car / family / degree / promotion / house / investment plan / holiday / retirement / insert your thing here! It seems everyone else my age has, but I haven’t and I’m running out of time.”
  • You often feel like you are spending so much time trying to keep everyone and everything else on track, that you are drowning, but you can’t see how to let go of anything without disappointing someone; losing them completely; or feeling like a total a**hole

Rhonda knows too well the dysfunction of wearing the “BUSY” badge, the “I’m not enough” guernsey and the many elaborate stories she’d told herself to justify all of this whilst she dismissed honouring her own needs and devalued her own self-worth along the way, and then crashed and burned as a result.

Then she stumbled upon One of ManyTM and learned that while the stories she had been telling herself had smudged her true colours, they were not the truth. She inquisitively sought to uncover her own values and beliefs, questioning their validity and congruence as she went.   She applied the One of ManyTM tools and teachings to herself and loved the depth and brightness of her new self so much that she then learnt how to help others to apply them.

This is what her clients have to say:

"I have experienced some ongoing difficulties with my family throughout my lifetime and while Rhonda and I never actually focussed on that area specifically, the ripple effect of me actioning the One of ManyTM tools and practices have also profoundly impacted the way I interact and communicate with both my parents and my own grown children. It’s like where I was then and where I am now, is hundreds of miles away."

"Coming into Rhonda’s 12-week program I felt bullied, undervalued and unheard. The only way I thought I could be noticed and heard was by raising my voice, but that felt like it was always the wrong thing to be doing, because then people told me I was angry and unapproachable. But then if I didn’t shout out, I thought my only other option was to roll over, be a doormat and be bullied. I felt like everything was happening to me and that I was completely out of control of my own life. Coming out the other end I now feel more confident, I now know what I want, I know how to look after myself and I now do it on a regular basis."

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