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Pollyanna is a transformational coach, holistic therapist, Reiki Master and property investor.

I have been a Reiki Master since 2001, and I gained my diploma in Holistic therapies in 2004. Certified OOM Coach 2017.  Certified OOM Trainer 2018. Sacred Money Archetype Coach 2018.

I have been on all Dr Joanna Martin's courses and know her work extensively.  This journey has been transformational for myself and I now use the tools and techniques that I have gained over the last few years as well was my life experiences and healing techniques to support, guide and mentor women to become the very best version of themselves.  I believe a lot of people are often unhappy or dissatisfied with their life and end up living a life by default instead of by design, which is why I called my foundation program Life By Design.

My flagship program is called Find your Money Blueprint as I help women discover why they do not always ask for what they deserve and to receive the full abundance that is available to them.  This is a yearlong deep dive into what hold us back and furnishes you with tools, templates and discoveries to then go on to achieve a fuller, more joyful and abundant life.

I have a residual income from rentals on my properties which enables me to live my life fully working on what I love which is supporting Women to find their financial independence. I can show you how I achieved that and how you can too.



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