Manuela Damant, Women’s Leadership Coach, Speaker & Trainer, Swiss

  1. Manuela Damant, Women’s Leadership Coach, Speaker & Trainer, Swiss
Manuela Damant, Women's Leadership Coach
Netherlands Delft
When you look in the mirror do you smile at yourself in loving recognition? Proud to be you?
Do you know what's important to you? And can you confidently stand for these things irrespective of if others disagree with you?
Can you happily be selfish when the situation requires it? Can you ask for what you need?
Do you feel comfortable to add your thoughts and ideas, even if they might be different from what's been put forward thus far?
Can you comfortably assume a leadership role when the situation or project requires it?
Do you recognize and own the power & value of your unique skills, strengths and perspective?
Are you aware when you're stuck in self-sabotage and do you know what to do about it?
Do you know what energizes, motivates and empowers you?
The women I work with usually come with either of the following two kinds of complaints:
They long for more FIRE, more impact. They want to start leading, speaking up, creating the change they believe in, but they feel they lack the confidence, courage, presence, authority, expertise and/or influence to do so.
They long for more WATER, more flow. They're exhausted and are looking for ways to connect with an unknown source of energy, they somehow know is there, but have disconnected from. They want to use their strengths but are not sure what they are. They are keen to stop doing it ALL and start doing what matters. They want to have their cake and eat it. For example a lush and thriving career AND time for friends and family.
If this sounds a bit like you I would love to have an informal chat with you and check if and how I can help you get unstuck.
May you also benefit from the tools, mindsets and practices that have made the difference in the lives and careers of hundreds of women I've coached over the course of almost 20 years.
Reach out to [email protected] for a complimentary exploration session straight away.
I can't wait to meet you.
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