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Joanna Fiminska
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With a career as an operational manager in NHS I thought I was sorted. I had a career for life, with a clear progression path and a pension plan.


However after the honeymoon period ended, I started to struggle. I was good at my job and continually delivered results, but felt unsupported, unheard and isolated. I started to question if this was really all life had to offer. Finally the pressure coming from different directions, and the conflicting demands became just too much, and after twelve years, I left the NHS.


With my unique professional experience and coaching skills I now work with women in NHS teaching them to set unshakable boundaries to make the impact they want to make without burning out.  


I started my career as a health coach because I wanted to heal my own relationship with food. Coaching women around emotional eating and body image still really lights me up.


I’d been hungry and angry pretty much most of my life. I’d been on every diet there was, in the process developed an eating disorder, messed up my relationship with my body and stayed hiding until circumstances improved.


The way I ate was a direct reflection of what my life was like. When I was happy and fulfilled, I ate healthy, nourishing foods. When I felt stressed, worked long hours and felt like I was failing on all fronts, I reached for comfort food and ate until my stomach hurt. Breaking this cycle was one of the most challenging things I’ve done.


With clients, I focus on finding the tools and solutions that work for each of them.


My clients are often stressed-out women working in a corporate environment. Some of them come home every night and eat a pint of ice cream just to cope with what went on in their day, some need help in building their leadership skills and want to show up in their lives more powerfully.


When we work together we’ll take stock of what’s going on in your life, what   you want to achieve and what behaviours you might be willing to let go off.


We’ll build on your strengths and I will introduce you to tools that will help you achieve your goals with more ease than ever before.


Does it resonate with you? Let’s jump on the phone for a complimentary, no obligation strategy session. Let’s talk about what being more and having more by doing less would mean to you. You will leave with clarity and a plan of action. Feel free to connect with my on social media as well.


What my clients say:

Thanks to support from Joanna I now have a cleaner, (I struggled with that one) and my work and personal life is more organised. I now recognise when I am depleted and am trying to the male members of the family that Mum has needs too. I recognised that at work especially I can be “triggered” and am now trying to lead my team in queen rather than Warrioress.



Joanna is an amazing coach. I feel quite enlightened, much more positive, and am leading a happier life. I know I’ve put the effort in to get here but it wouldn’t have been possible without the patience of Joanna and her excellent facilitation of my journey.







Joanna holds a master degree in politics, and bachelor’s degree in human resources management. She is also a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Health Coach, Eating Psychology Coach and Master Transformation Coach.






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