1. Relationships
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When the things that have defined us change and our foundations feel unknown it’s time for new skills to bring life back into focus. Victoria takes people from overwhelm to understanding, with as much joy [...]
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Louise supports women who know that there is more to an intimate relationship but at the moment it is not there, and when she discovers what is stopping her from having a loving, supporting and passionate relationship, it will [...]
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Managing Director of Enabling Success Ltd, since 2006. Coached, trained, and facilitated in areas of performance management within the NHS, Social Care, and Not for Profit Charitable Sector. Now Jennie utilises these skills, knowledge, and expertise as an NLP Master Practitioner [...]
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Erica believes that self-awareness is crucial to unlocking our full potential, and she has the training and certifications to guide you. Her compassionate coaching style is tailored to your needs, offering a supportive environment to overcome obstacles and achieve [...]
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