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Thea is a perfectionism expert and resilience coach. She knows what is going on in the minds of perfectionist mothers and how to get them unstuck.

She is a pioneer in her approach to busting the myths of perfectionism, transforming women’s performance and fulfilment at work and happiness at home. Her unique coaching style combines a deep non-judgemental compassion with powerful insights and frank conversations about how to take action and make lasting changes

Her coaching provides the space for women to let go of the self-identities that hold them back and step into their courageous, aligned and authentic selves.   Using the tools and processes that she’s created to manage her own perfectionism, plus the powerful One of many Women’s Leadership programme, she helps mothers know and trust themselves again.

“Thea is a highly insightful, skilful coach. She is kind and compassionate whilst digging gently but firmly below the surface, allowing for deep self exploration and change

As a recovering perfectionist and mother of three, with over 20 years of personal development & training, and 14 years as a coach Thea has the experience, expertise and intuition to guide you on your journey to confidence, emotional resilience and fulfilment – whatever that looks like for you.

Thea is an absolutely fantastic coach! She helped me to move from a state where I felt very powerless and reactionary to a much happier, more fruitful place. Through working with Thea, my self-talk is a lot kinder, and in times where my perfectionism would have kept me trapped and too anxious to move, I now make decisions and act on them.”

Thea qualified as a life coach with the UK College of Life Coaching in 2006, is a certified One of many Coach and Trainer and a One of many In-House Coach.  Her mission is to help women feel at peace with themselves - because only then can they make their biggest and boldest contributions to their families, communities and the world.

She is a trained Voice Dialogue Facilitator and has completed courses in mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and is a keen follower of the latest resilience, neuroscience, and trauma research.  She is a member of the Association for Coaching, has a BA (Hons) in History & Sociology from Warwick University, and an MSc in Information Science from City University.

Previously working as a business researcher in the City, she has run her own business for 14 years, and provided coaching, education and training for organisations including Gatwick Airport, Oakleaf Partnership, Warden Park Academy and IHS Markit.

 “Thea’s ability to see straight into the root of the issue, and not skirt around the edges is astounding and has a profound and transformative impact.”  

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