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Heart Centred Coaching
United Kingdom Glasgow

Are you Destined For More?

Selma's work is all about your fulfilment and finding your true calling. She helps women get unstuck and moving forward to live a more fulfilling life. If your inner voice silently keeps whispering that there is more to life than the one you are currently living, then look no further, Selma will help you rediscover yourself and tune in to your inner calling.

The holistic nature of her coaching starts with the assertion that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. And as she lives and coaches from this knowing, she provides that sacred space for you to listen and reconnect with your inner wisdom. She wants you to know that your soul is calling you to do great things. Let us not waste any more precious time. The time is now. "Your Heart Knows The Way, Run in that Direction" RUMI

Selma's Clients Feedback -

"Without Selma’s help and support, and without the tools she has provided me, I doubt I would be where I am today. But for me, it is more about the honest connection and genuine exchange, about being heard, seen and understood. That is the foundation which without, I would still be in the same place I started." AJSA

"I embarked on this journey because I was feeling stuck and directionless. I had gone through a lot of traumatic things in the past year that had caused me to lose confidence in myself and feel like a completely different person.  Meeting Selma was a stroke of serendipity and with her warm nurturing nature I felt I had found the right coach for me. Together we agreed that the aim for the course was to break out of a lifelong cycle of emotional ups and downs. To regain control of my life in a way I had never before and to help me discover my true feminine power." AYA

"I connected with Selma very quickly, she is very approachable and at the same time completely trustworthy. The invaluable insights she shared with me are somewhat mind- and eye-opening, and she really understood my issues and challenges which of course made a huge difference.  I have moved from a place of hopelessness and desperation to a place of hopefulness and freedom. I have also learned a lot about myself as a person, in particular as a woman of this age!  I am very grateful to have taken this step 12 weeks ago to share this beautiful journey with Selma!" KIM

"Selma is peace personified. She guided me through acknowledging my strengths and weaknesses, helped me to heal my hurts and supported me to recognise my inner truth. Working with Selma has given me tools to support every element of my life from relationships, parenting, work and spiritual well-being." MILLY

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Phone: +447929455262

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